About Us

September 2017

Bais Medrash LeTorah U’Tefilla was founded about two years ago by a group of individuals looking to create a  Makom Torah for the growing community in the Raintree neighborhood. A bi-level was purchased by a gracious patron was renovated, creating a humble yet respectable space for Torah and Tefilla.

As the growth continued, a search for a Rav was undertaken. HoRav Dovid Feinroth, a talmid of HoRav Shmuel Brudny & HoRav Shmuel Berenbaum zt”l was approached. and agreed to take the position. With HoRav Feinroth at the helm, the Shul has become more then a place to daven or learn. It has become a place of spiritual growth for a community united by a shared dedication to avodas Hashem, which understandably attracted even more members. Even after additional renovations the need for a new building became apparent.

The Kehilla dreams of building a structure that will serve as a continuation of  the pure ideals on which it was founded. A building that will serve as a hub of Torah and Tefilla where the Kol Yaakov is heard constantly. A Bais Medrash that justly earns it’s place on the map of worthy Torah Institutions.

Even as our goals are within reach, there is still time to take advantage of this opportunity to donate and have a part in the building of this unique Makom Torah.

At this time, we are  officially renamed  Bais Medrash Ohr Shimon, in the memory of the honorable Reb Shimon ben R’ Avrohom Englard Z”L. He was truly a unique individual whose recent passing has left a gaping hole in the many communities and institutions he was a pillar of.  It is a particularly befitting dedication as Reb Shimon’s son Reb Nissi ybl”ch is a founding member and mainstay of our Kehilla who continues to play a central role in the building campaign as well.